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CodeFacilty NameFormal NamePrimary UseAddressBuiltSq. Ft.
VARO17 Cubes Sculpture17 Cubes SculptureLandmark2805 West Lowden Street
AHHAbell-Hanger HouseAbell-Hanger HouseBrite2901 Sandage Avenue2000 16,751
STAAmon G. Carter StadiumAmon G. Carter StadiumAthletics2850 Stadium Drive1930 279,179
BGAArt GalleryFort Worth Contemporary Arts GalleryAcademics2900 West Berry Street1974 5,556
BAIBailey BuildingThe Bailey BuildingAcademics3000 Bellaire Drive North1914 14,110
TUTBartzen Varsity CourtsBernard J. "Tut" Bartzen Varsity Tennis CourtsAthletics3615 Bellaire Drive North1976
BASBass BuildingAnnie Richardson Bass BuildingAcademics2800 West Bowie Street1969 85,679
BFFBat Flight FacilityBat Flight FacilityAcademics3572 Bellaire Drive North2016 2,040
IPFBaugh Indoor Practice Facility - Cox FieldSam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility and Cox FieldAthletics3000 Stadium Drive2007 71,329
BEABeasley HallTheodore Prentis Beasley HallAcademics2855 South University Drive1952 20,525
BEHBeasley HouseBeasley HouseBrite2901 Sandage Avenue2000 12,695
B/SBeckham-Shelburne HallBeckham-Shelburne HallResidential3505 Pond Drive1964 36,850
BSWBolt Street FacilityBolt Street FacilityOther3300 Bolt Street 39,930
BOOKBookstoreTCU BookstoreOther2950 West Berry Street2007 32,000
BRITBritain HallB.M. and Frances Britain HallResidential3103 Main Drive 761091998 21,574
BLUUBrown-Lupton University UnionBrown-Lupton University UnionStudent Life2901 Stadium Drive2008 140,809
RWBuilding @ 3008 Sandage Avenue3008 Sandage AvenueOther3008 Sandage Avenue1951 1,804
JULBuilding @ 3014 Lubbock Avenue3014 Lubbock AvenueAdministrative3014 Lubbock Avenue 1,345
CCCampus CommonsCampus CommonsLandmark2901 Stadium Drive
CARCarr ChapelRobert Carr ChapelOther2855 South University Drive1952 9,781
ACHCarter HallAmon G. Carter HallResidential3102 Main Drive2007 49,983
CISCenter for Instructional ServicesCenter for Instructional ServicesAcademics2820 West Bowie Street1967 6,099
ECCPChiller PlantChiller Plant - EastAdministrative2825 West Bowie Street2007 4,913
CCPChiller PlantChiller Plant - WestAdministrative3154 Bellaire Drive North1998 4,660
EXCELCircle of ExcellenceCircle of ExcellenceLandmark2820 Stadium Drive2012
CBSTClark Brothers StatueClark Brothers StatueLandmark2905 South University Drive
CLAClark Hall - Central CampusClark HallResidential2950 South University Drive1958 47,631
CLWClark Hall - Worth HillsPamela and Edward Clark HallResidential3604 Pond Drive2013 67,050
CL2012Class of 2012 GatesClass of 2012 GatesLandmarkCorner of West Berry Street and Bellaire Drive West2012
COLColby HallColby HallResidential3200 Main Drive 761091957 72,276
DMACDaniel-Meyer Athletic ComplexDaniel-Meyer Athletic ComplexAthletics2900 Stadium Drive
DISDevelopment Information ServicesDevelopment Information ServicesAdministrative2716 West Berry Street1976 2,662
EGSEast Campus Grounds Storage-Administrative3016 Merida Avenue2001 788
FMFM Radio Tower-Academics2800 Stadium Drive1980 400
FISFish HallBess N. Fish HallResidential3140 Bellaire Drive North1998 19,801
FOSFoster HallR.H. Foster HallResidential3100 Main Drive1939 55,672
FDRPLFounders PlazaFounders PlazaLandmark3500 Bellaire Drive North2012
FRAFrances Sadler HallFrances Sadler HallResidential3501 Pond Drive1964 21,196
BFTCFriedman Tennis CenterBayard H. Friedman Tennis CenterAthletics3615 Bellaire Drive North1976 4,092
FAFrog AlleyFrog AlleyLandmarkFrog Alley
PG1Frog Alley Parking GarageFrog Alley Parking GarageParking Garage3417 West Cantey Street2015 345,662
FFFrog FountainFrog FountainLandmark2855 Main Drive
HENGEFroghengeFroghengeLandmark3000 South University Drive
GRSSGarvey-Rosenthal Soccer StadiumGarvey-Rosenthal Soccer StadiumAthletics3500 West Berry Street1999 1,879
GA1Greene Annex 1Greene Annex 1Academics3028 Greene Avenue1938 1,145
GA2Greene Annex 2Greene Annex 2Academics3024 Greene Avenue1938 1,578
HARHarrison BuildingW. Oliver and Nell A. Harrison BuildingBrite2925 Princeton Street2011 25,113
HAYHays HallMarlene Moss Hays HallResidential3550 Pond Drive2014 65,105
HAZHazardous Material Storage-Academics2955 South University Drive1970 577
HEAHealth CenterBrown-Lupton Health CenterStudent Life2825 Stadium Drive1963 9,309
HERHerndon HallHarold D. & Imogene Herndon HallResidential3105 Main Drive 761091999 18,920
HILHill HouseHill HouseBrite2951 Sandage Avenue2000 16,751
HRBHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesAdministrative3100 West Berry Street1971 4,563
INDIndoor Tennis CourtsIndoor Tennis CourtsAthletics3550 West Berry Street1980 34,650
IBRInstitute of Behavioral ResearchInstitute of Behavioral ResearchOther3034 Sandage Avenue1954 9,768
DEMTInterior Design & MerchandisingInterior Design & MerchandisingAcademics2722 West Berry Street1976 13,826
JJFJane Justin FieldJane Justin FieldAthletics3500 West Berry Street1999
JJFHJane Justin Field HouseJane Justin Field HouseAthletics3500 West Berry Street2010 5,254
JARJarvis HallJarvis HallStudent Life2820 South University Drive1911 34,948
JACJustin CenterJohn Justin Athletic CenterAthletics3500 Bellaire Drive North2000 34,308
HOFJustin Hall of FameJane & John Justin Hall of FameAthletics2900 Stadium Drive2015
ALUKelly Alumni & Visitors CenterDee J. Kelly Alumni & Visitors CenterOther2820 Stadium Drive1997 21,557
KINENKing EntranceTeresa and Luther King EntranceLandmark2800 South University Drive
WHDKing Family CommonsKing Family CommonsStudent Life3608 Pond Drive2015 39,774
KINKing HallTeresa and Luther King HallResidential3204 Main Drive 761092007 60,442
TOWERKing TowerKing TowerLandmark2901 Stadium Drive2008
LANLandreth HallEd Landreth Hall and AuditoriumAcademics2800 South University Drive1948 79,276
LIBLibraryMary Couts Burnett LibraryAcademics2905 South University Drive1927 178,885
LBALibrary AnnexLibrary AnnexAcademics3308 Bolt Street 30,211
WRFLilly Physical Performance CenterBob Lilly Physical Performance CenterAthletics2975 Stadium Drive2011 20,869
LDCLouden Player Development CenterThe G. Malcolm Louden Player Development Center for BaseballAthletics3700 West Berry Street2014 9,161
TRACKLowdon Track & Field ComplexRobert and Maria Lowdon Track and Field ComplexAthletics3750 West Berry Street1999 300
LOWELowe HallErma Lowe HallAcademics3000 South University Drive1922 33,560
BASELupton Baseball StadiumCharlie and Marie Lupton Baseball StadiumAthletics3700 West Berry Street2002 46,086
MABMabee HallJ.E. and L.E. Mabee HallResidential3101 Main Drive 761091999 18,895
MAHMabee HouseMabee HouseBrite2951 Sandage Avenue2000 12,695
MARMarion HallMarion HallResidential3600 Pond Drive2013 81,549
MMMartin-Moore HallMartin-Moore HallResidential3506 Pond Drive1964 37,130
H-C1McCart Housing C-1McCart HousingResidential2901 McCart Avenue2000 4,593
H-C2McCart Housing C-2McCart HousingResidential2921 McCart Avenue2000 4,593
H-C3McCart Housing C-3McCart HousingResidential2945 McCart Avenue2000 4,593
H-C4McCart Housing C-4McCart HousingResidential2965 McCart Avenue2000 4,593
MCMemorial ColumnsMemorial ColumnsLandmark2850 South University Drive
MEYERMeyer ComplexDutch Meyer Athletic ComplexAthletics2900 Stadium Drive2008
MMACMeyer-Martin ComplexMeyer-Martin Athletic ComplexAthletics2900 Stadium Drive2008 30,614
MILMiller Speech and Hearing ClinicW.C. Jack and Maude Y. Miller Speech and Hearing ClinicAcademics3305 West Cantey Street1975 12,473
MDMilton Daniel HallMilton Daniel HallResidential3205 Main Drive1956 68,426
MNRMinor HouseMinor HouseOther 8,110
MONMoncrief HallW.A. Moncrief & W.A. "Tex" Moncrief, Jr. HallResidential2909 Stadium Drive1988 62,630
MOOMoody HallW.L. Moody Jr., HallResidential3503 Pond Drive1964 36,848
MORMoore BuildingJo Ann and Wayne Moore BuildingBrite2855 South University Drive1952 17,741
MRHMoore HouseMoore HouseBrite2931 Sandage Avenue2000 9,889
OUTPFMorris Football Practice FieldsSheridan and Clif Morris Practice FieldsAthletics3450 Bellaire Drive North
MOUNMoudy NorthJ.M. Moudy Visual Arts and Communication BuildingAcademics2805 South University Drive1980 63,832
MOUSMoudy SouthJ.M. Moudy Visual Arts and Communication BuildingAcademics2805 South University Drive1980 64,961
MULMullins HallMarion Day Mullins HallResidential3142 Bellaire Drive North1998 21,574
MUSMusic BuildingMusic Building SouthAcademics3050 Rogers Avenue2004 5,123
PALPalko HallBetsy and Steve Palko HallAcademics3000 Bellaire Drive North2007 23,956
PARSTParrish StatuesParrish StatuesLandmark2900 Stadium Drive2016
PAULPaul's PatiosPaul's PatiosLandmark3700 West Berry Street
PHYPhysical PlantPhysical PlantAdministrative3589 Bellaire Drive North1966 33,660
RANRanch ManagementWinthrop Rockefeller Building for Ranch ManagementAcademics2800 Stadium Drive1992 7,100
RDSTRange Duty StatueRange Duty StatueLandmark2800 Stadium Drive
RAYRay GatesRay GatesLandmarkCorner of West Berry Street and Stadium Drive
RFWRecreation Field - BellaireCampus Recreation Field - BellaireAthletics3725 Bellaire Drive North
INFRecreation Field - BerryCampus Recreation Field - BerryAthletics3400 West Berry Street
REEReed HallDave C. Reed HallAcademics2850 South University Drive1911 45,964
RJHRees-Jones HallRees-Jones HallAcademics2901 West Lowden Street2014 57,513
RICRickel Academic WingRickel Academic WingAcademics3005 Stadium Drive1971 43,505
RIFRifle RangeTCU Rifle RangeAthletics3150 Bellaire Drive North1967 5,500
ROGRogers HallDan D. Rogers HallAcademics2900 Lubbock Avenue1957 37,253
SADSadler HallM.E. Sadler HallAdministrative2900 South University Drive1959 80,895
SMSadler MallSadler MallLandmark2900 South University Drive
SAMSamuelson HallKellye Wright Samuelson HallResidential3202 Main Drive2007 64,354
SANDVBSand VolleyballSand Volleyball CourtsOther3005 Stadium Drive2015
H-C5Sandage Housing C-5Sandage HousingResidential2900 Sandage Avenue2000 4,593
H-C6Sandage Housing C-6Sandage HousingResidential2920 Sandage Avenue2000 4,593
H-C7Sandage Housing C-7Sandage HousingResidential2940 Sandage Avenue2000 4,593
H-C8Sandage Housing C-8Sandage HousingResidential2960 Sandage Avenue2000 4,593
SAXESaxe GardenAllan Saxe Corner GardenLandmark3050 Cockrell Avenue
SCHARScharbauer HallClarence and Kerry Scharbauer HallAcademics2855 Main Drive 761092009 68,964
DMCSchollmaier ArenaEd and Rae Schollmaier ArenaAthletics2900 Stadium Drive1961 216,013
SBCSchollmaier Basketball ComplexEd and Rae Schollmaier Basketball ComplexAthletics3000 Stadium Drive2004 22,551
SWBSecrest-Wible BuildingSecrest-Wible BuildingAdministrative3015 Merida Avenue1965 13,203
SHESherley HallSherley HallResidential3205 West Cantey Street1956 71,515
SWRSid Richardson BuildingSid W. Richardson BuildingAcademics2955 South University Drive1970 149,842
SMISmith HallSteve and Sarah Smith Entrepreneurs HallAcademics2805 West Lowden Street2003 45,885
STRStarpoint/KinderFrogs SchoolStarpoint School/KinderFrogs SchoolAcademics2805 Stadium Drive1978 16,752
STMStudent MemorialStudent MemorialLandmark2850 South University Drive2013
SUNSundialTCU SundialLandmark2800 South University Drive2015
TBPWCTBPW CommonsTom Brown / Pete Wright CommonsResidential3107 Main Drive 761091999 4,947
POLTCU PoliceTCU Police DepartmentAdministrative3025 Lubbock Avenue1997 5,197
PRETCU PressTCU PressAcademics3000 Sandage Avenue1961 5,796
TANTandy HallCharles D. Tandy HallAcademics2900 Lubbock Avenue1989 46,308
TANSTTandy StatueCharles D. Tandy StatueLandmark2900 Lubbock Avenue
LOUSCTeaching to Change the World StatueTeaching to Change the World StatueLandmark3000 South University Drive
TOMTomlinson HallTomlinson HallResidential3508 Pond Drive1964 40,456
TUCTucker Technology CenterWilliam E. and Jean Jones Tucker Technology CenterAcademics2840 West Bowie Street2002 92,500
RECUniversity Recreation CenterUniversity Recreation CenterStudent Life3005 Stadium Drive2003 179,831
VTCVarsity Tennis BuildingVarsity Tennis Teams BuildingAthletics3600 West Berry Street2003 3,844
VETVeterans PlazaVeterans PlazaLandmark2850 South University Drive
WAIWaits HallE.M. Waits HallResidential3105 West Cantey Street1945 52,519
WALKWalker HallGranville and Erline Walker HallResidential3111 Main Drive 761091998 28,819
WALWalsh ComplexWalsh Athletic ComplexAthletics2900 Stadium Drive1969 22,631
WPAWalsh Performing ArtsMary D. and F. Howard Walsh Center for Performing ArtsAcademics2800 South University Drive1998 56,000
WIGWiggins HallMary Lipscomb Wiggins HallResidential3507 Pond Drive1977 31,676
WINWinton-Scott HallWinton-Scott Hall of ScienceAcademics2955 South University Drive1949 89,407
DINWorth Hills BuildingWorth Hills BuildingAdministrative3504 Pond Drive1964 20,140
PG2Worth Hills Parking GarageWorth Hills Parking GarageParking Garage3569 Bellaire Drive North2016 391,441
ADMWright Admission CenterMary Wright Admission CenterAdministrative3301 Bellaire Drive North2010 12,586
WRIWright HallMary and Robert J. Wright HallResidential3104 Main Drive2007 49,548
STRSTYearning to Know StatueYearning to Know StatueLandmark2805 Stadium Drive